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lets check the music!! 

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[NEW] AJ is back in America / AJ ya esta en America
♥ Someone asked from Soohyun about AJ. Seem like soohyun had talk to AJ. AJ is already in USA ^^
♡ Hoy en el Fanmeeting le preguntaron a Soohyun por AJ y él dijo que esta en los Estados Unidos ahora.

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Kim Jaeseop 4 - 


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After the heart surgery, I am in recovery. 
Después de la cirugía de corazón, yo estoy en recuperación.
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Dear KissMes,

I know you already know about AJ’s surgery, I know you’re worried, we all are, I also know that you should have a millions of questions but we need to be calm, AJ knows why he did the things he did and we must understand that maybe he hid it because he didn’t wanted us to be worried about him. At moments like this what he needs is to rest, it doesn’t matter how long it takes we only want to see him fully recovered, right? Just pray for him, cheer him through twitter and wait for the official statement, we must no spread fake rumors, it’s not a thing to take lightly. AJ is recovering and that’s a good thing, we hope nothing bad happen again, he’s a strong boy so everything is gonna be okay <3

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Birthday Countdown: 3 days.
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Birthday Countdown: 5 days.

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Because I love your smile ♥

credit on pictures

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Why the project deadline is extended?

Hello ^ ^ KissMes

Well we have decided to slightly adjust the project in time and how to send the photos.

As you know AJ will be staying for one more semester in college, which is why we have decided to put together his birthday and his return to U-Kiss. We want the book gets to him to read your messages.
So we will send a beautiful book with your birthday messages and a new welcome, wishing him to continue doing his best every year in college as in U-Kiss, showing him how much we’ve missed him.

Every message will have your name and your country’s flag.

The photos: if you wish you can send a photo of yourself holding a picture with the birthday message or just a photo of the message, is up to you.

And remember, the deadline to send your messages is at the end of June ^^, so you have a lot of time.

*You can send your messages via inbox in the page or here hellojaeseop04@gmail.com

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[Project for Jaeseop’s birthday]

You have until the first week of june

Please KissMe support \O/



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Gif - Jaeseop

Akdong Club - Remember MV

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